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The following Candidate Performance Reviews are available for purchase:

Certificates programme
FSA Financial Regulation
Principles of Financial Regulation
Investment Management
Financial Derivatives
Investment and Risk

Certificate in Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance Regulation
Corporate Finance Technical Foundations

IAQ programme
Introduction to Securities & Investment
FSA Financial Regulation
Principles of Financial Regulation

International programmes
Islamic Finance Qualification
International Introduction to Investment

Performance review content
The performance reviews provide candidates with feedback on:

  • their performance at syllabus element level
  • suggested revision areas
  • time management during their examination
  • their performance against national averages

    An EXAMPLE review is available which indicates the level of detail which candidates can expect to receive in their report.

    Purchase and payment
    Performance reviews are only available to candidates who have been unsuccessful in an examination. They cost 30 each. Candidate performance reviews are a free benefit for SII Corporate Member firms. Please visit the Corporate Membership section of our website for details. For reasons of statistical validity, performance reviews will not be available to candidates until a minimum of 4 weeks after the first examinations on any new syllabus.

    Please email SII at providing details of the examination subject for which you require a review. Alternatively, contact our Client Services team on 020 7645 0680 for a performance report to be sent to you.

    Performance reviews will be sent to candidates, via email, the next working day.

    Diploma and Advanced Certificates

    Unsuccessful Diploma or Advanced Certificate candidates may request a Marks Analysis at a cost of 25, please fill in the appropriate form and return it to the Institute:

    Advanced Operational Risk Marks Analysis

    Advanced Global Securities Operations Marks Analysis

    Advanced Investment Schemes Administration Marks Analysis

    Diploma Marks Analysis