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There are five categories of SII membership, aimed at meeting the needs of the financial services practitioner throughout every stage of his or her career. The categories are Affiliate, Student, Associate, Member and Fellow. For full details on any of the categories, please visit its respective page.

SII Membership Progression

Fellowship (FSI)

Our highest category of membership, FSI status is available to holders of the Securities & Investment Institute Diploma who have completed three years of successfully logged CPD as an MSI under the SII CPD Scheme. Similarly, holders of the full CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) award, who qualify for MSI status, may upgrade to Fellowship upon completion of three years of successfully logged SII CPD as an MSI.

Those who, in the opinion of the Securities & Investment Institute's Board, have shown particular distinction in the industry may be awarded Honorary Fellowship status - FSI(Hon).

Membership (MSI)

Full (MSI) membership is awarded to those with a suitable combination of a high-level qualification and a certain amount of industry experience. The main route is via completion of the SII Diploma, but Associate members may apply upon completion of six years of continuing learning from their date of admission to ASI membership. Alternatively, Associate members can upgrade to full Member status upon achievement of 4 years of successfully logged CPD under the SII CPD Scheme.

MSI status is also available to members of certain other professional bodies, and to holders of recognised, external qualifications.

Additionally, it has recently become possible for very experienced, senior industry practitioners to submit an application for MSI status based on a combination of industry experience and seniority. Full details on this new route can be found on our dedicated MSI Via Experience Page.

Associate (ASI)

Associate membership is the first category to award designatory letters, and may be applied for by holders of benchmark qualifications such as our IAQ award, or our SII Level 3 Certificates. Through continuing learning, Associates are able to progress to MSI status.

ASI status is also available to holders of certain other external recognised qualifications.

Student Membership

Aimed at the exam candidate, Student membership is awarded to anyone taking any SII qualification. It is also open to anyone aspiring to work in the financial services industry, or taking a relevant degree or qualification from another professional body.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership was created for support staff working within financial services (IT, marketing, secretarial, training and HR for example) who, as they have no need to pass industry qualifications, had never previously been able to become actively involved with the Institute or gain access to the benefits that membership provides. There are no formal entry requirements for Affiliate membership.